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  • [guest_57] : HTML Code?
  • Biggus : Wink
  • broadbent : oy oy
  • Biggus : Smile Smile
  • Biggus : Smile
  • The Jester : LGD Trance show @ 7 tonight
  • [George] : Evening 1990's
  • [George] : great tunage as always Stiggus
  • [George] : Tunage!!
  • [guest_5961] : tunage!!
  • Biggus : Razz
  • Biggus : Smile
  • Biggus : cool mate i'll have a look! yep should stream good on that Smile
  • epicentre : App works a treat!! Samsung Galaxy S5 but will message you mate.
  • Biggus : Oh send us a msg on facebook of the phone and I'll fix Smile but yes the apps great
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Live shows maybe broadcasted outside of the above schedule due to special events etc, if this is the case notification will be given in the news section of the site.

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