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  • Biggus : I Love it!
  • [Sharpy] : Tune tune tune!!
  • Biggus : Smile
  • [Sharpy] : Shout out to the Morley massivvveeeee!
  • Biggus : woo hoo!
  • The Jester : LGD @ 7 tonight!!!
  • Biggus : Wink
  • epicentre : arky type!
  • Biggus : yeah! stupid firewall! put an execption in or even better switch it off haaha
  • epicentre : Think it's a firewall issue - not summat to waffle on about here tho lol.....
  • Biggus : reboot!
  • epicentre : Office 365 installed but my remote access to Trackwise is screwed! #powerdown
  • Biggus : office 365! haha monday blues
  • Biggus : im trying to make mondays more appealing
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