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  • [Biggus] : Hey Barney
  • The Jester : brand new trance show...The Jester pres. TRANCEFIXED. Mpst Sunday evenings from 7.
  • broadbent : yes old skool classics - back to flat cliff court
  • broadbent : Mr. Green
  • The Jester : LGD trance show starts @ 7
  • Ianb : At last ffs lol I had to do a software update. How long does it take .....jesus
  • djpursuit : ez now im trying to keep up with the fb posts / hope ya well n glad ya feeling the show Smile
  • [richimpulse : Yes mate! Scotty tings Very Happy
  • [richimpulse : easy mr pursuit Wink missed most of the bloody show!
  • djpursuit : THE FUTURE Smile going all jungle darkside for the last 30mins
  • djpursuit : its the biggest love hate tune in the jungle hardcore world lol - nice tune but mixed down #### n totaly out of time lol
  • [BBScientist : Farckin 'ell!!! That infamous clashing track!!! Is wicked though!!!
  • djpursuit : oh yes obbessions
  • [BBScientist : Classic Bizzy B.
  • djpursuit : souns of the nebula ii - cod rider
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